Appendix 1

Wildlife Sites

List of Sites referred to in Policy R15 and defined on the Proposals Map

Ref. No. on Map Name of Wildlife SiteID No. from Habitat Survey
WS1Shaw's Corner42/019
WS2Ayot St Lawrence Churchyard42/036
WS3Round Spring Wood43/001
WS4Sandybottom Wood43/003
WS5Singlers Marsh, Fulling Mill Meadow43/005
WS6Lockleys Wood Meadow43/007
WS7Hurstling's Wood43/008
WS8Dowdell's Wood, Bladder Wood, Warren Wood43/009
WS9Puttockhill Wood43/010
WS10Foxley Grove and Hazel Grove43/011
WS11Ninning's Wood43/013
WS12Stockings Springs Wood43/014
WS13Mardley Heath43/015
WS14Danesbury Park43/016
WS15Lockleys Chalk Bank, Harmer Green43/017
WS16Lockleys Wood43/023
WS17Lockleys Farm Woodland43/025
WS18Grassland East of Danesbury Hospital43/028
WS19Link Road, Grange Hill Road Banks43/030
WS20Legs & Stockings Wood43/031
WS21Old North Road & Central Reservation, Lockleys43/032
WS22Danesbury Icehouse43/034
WS23Reynard Spring, Arnold's Spring, Reynard Road Wood43/035
WS24Digswell Meadows South43/039
WS25Rectory Wood43/046
WS26Rolls Wood43/054
WS27Scrub Slope east of Digswell43/055
WS28Ayot Bury, Ayot St. Peter43/061
WS29Harmergreen Wood/Whores Wood44/014
WS30Cooks Wood44/022
WS31Cave Wood44/023
WS32Barnes Green44/030
WS33Harmer Green Pond, Pennyfathers House44/036
WS34Robbery Bottom Lane Railway Embankment & Scrub44/046
WS35Harmer Green House44/050
WS36Harmer Green Lane (House)44/052
WS37Pasture North of Lockleys Wood44/055
WS38Datchworth Green, Green Lanes44/059
WS39Barnes Wood44/063
WS40Harmergreen Wood Pastures44/064
WS41Coleman Green, Green Lane56/001
WS42Fletcher's Wick56/003
WS43Wet Grove56/004
WS44Titnol's Wood56/005
WS45Symondshyde Great Wood56/006
WS46Colemangreen Spring and Kents Dell56/025
WS47Copse south of Symondshyde Great Wood, Beech Farm (Sutton Farm)56/057
WS48Ayot St Peter Churchyard57/001
WS49Lemsford Mead57/003
WS50Stanborough Reed Marsh57/004
WS51Lemsford Springs57/006
WS52Digswell Lake57/007
WS53Woodhall Farm Meadows57/008
WS54Saul's Wood57/009
WS55Sherrardspark Wood57/010
WS56Brocket Park57/011
WS57Ayot Greenway57/012
WS58Homer's Wood57/014
WS59Benstead's Wood57/016
WS60Malm's Wood57/017
WS61Digswell Place Park57/018
WS63Furzefield Wood57/021
WS64Long Spring and Long Grove Plantation, Spring Grove57/029
WS65Marsh west of Stanborough Yachting Lake57/033
WS66Wood south of Woodhall Farm57/034
WS67Wagon and Horses Pond, Ayot Green57/035
WS68Temple Wood Vale Open Space57/040
WS69Valley Road Open Space57/041
WS70Digswell Place Meadow57/045
WS71Creswick Plantation South57/046
WS72Pastures south of Malms Wood & north of Digswell Place Farm57/047
WS73Dismantled Railway East of Sherrardspark Wood57/048
WS74Little Hocketts Wood57/050
WS75Long Spring57/051
WS76Mitchell's Wood57/052
WS77Great Captain's & Holwell Park Wood58/015
WS78Rolls, Blackthorn and Howick's Woods58/020
WS79The Commons (Wood)58/023
WS80Blackfan Fen & the Commons Meadow58/037
WS81Blackfan Valley58/039
WS82Tewin Water Mimram Valley58/040
WS83Bushey Leys58/043
WS84Home Covert and Round Wood68/009
WS85Howe Dell/Stream Woods69/005
WS86Oxleys Wood69/006
WS87Grassland Strip near Butterfield Cottage, Marsh Moor69/007
WS88Bush Wood69/009
WS89Millward's Park69/010
WS90Meadow north of Peplins Wood69/012
WS91Hazel Grove69/013
WS92Home Park, Hatfield Estate69/014
WS93Chantry Lane Wood and Dene Hole69/015
WS94Skimpans Farm69/017
WS95Coombe Wood69/021
WS96Copse at Nast Hyde69/022
WS97Hatfield House and Palace69/023
WS98New Barnfield Meadow69/035
WS99Marshmoor Lane Grassland Strip69/038
WS100Grasslands North of Parsonage Road69/040
WS101Southway - Southern Road Verge69/046
WS102Hornbeam Lane70/001
WS103Pope's Pondholes & Deeve Wood70/003
WS104Woodside Green Road Verge70/004
WS105Grubs Lane Marsh70/005
WS106Ox Wood70/007
WS107Home Wood70/008
WS108Warren Wood70/009
WS109Kentish Lane Farm Wood70/010
WS110Backhouse Wood70/011
WS111Nine Acre wood70/012
WS112Wildhill Meadows70/016
WS113Green Street70/020
WS114Wood south of Woodside Green70/024
WS115Larkinhill Grove70/029
WS116Essendon Brook Pasture70/031
WS117Long Wood70/033
WS118Wood south of Harefield Wood70/035
WS119Wood by Belvedere Farm70/036
WS120Essendon Place Farm Meadow70/045
WS121Berkhamsted Lane Plantation70/047
WS122Panther's Wood70/049
WS123Woodfield Lane Roadside Verge70/053
WS124Hell Wood70/059
WS125Meadow near Ponsfall Farm70/067
WS126Woodland west of Ponsfall Farm70/070
WS127Meadow south of Tyler's Causeway70/078
WS128Chestnut Farm Meadows70/080
WS129Meadows at Essendon Place70/083
WS130Essendon Glebe Meadow70/085
WS131The Legg70/088
WS132Wild Hill70/090
WS133Grassland & Track east of Deeves Wood70/093
WS134Woodland east of Deeves Wood70/094
WS135Pasture west of Essendon Place70/095
WS136Grassland south of Essendon Pinetum70/096
WS137Harefield Wood Green Lane70/097
WS138Wormley Wood71/004
WS139The Warren, Newgate Street71/012
WS140Scrub by Ponsbourne Brook71/083
WS141Walsingham Wood78/008
WS142Cangsley Grove78/010
WS143Mimms Wood, (Redwell, Hawkshead & Mymmshall)78/011
WS144Brick Kiln Wood78/016
WS145Potterells Wood78/020
WS146Peplin's Wood78/021
WS147Scrubby Grassland by Frederick's Wood78/031
WS149Grasslands by Abduls House78/045
WS150Moffats Meadows78/065
WS151Spring Wood78/069
WS152Hawkshead Lane Pond and Verge78/074
WS153North Mymms Park78/079
WS154North Mymms House78/084
WS155North Mymms Stable78/085
WS156North Mymms Icehouse78/086
WS157Hawkshead Wood Swallowholes78/093
WS158Gobions Wood79/001
WS159Northaw Marshes, Northaw Brook Pastures79/002
WS160Northaw Brick Kiln79/004
WS161Northaw Great Wood79/005
WS162Home Wood79/007
WS163Queenswood Home Farm Grove79/010
WS164Hook Wood79/011
WS165George's Wood79/012
WS166Leggatts Park79/013
WS167Fritillary Meadow79/014
WS168The Dell, Cuffley, Colesdale Farm79/017
WS169Cattlegate Wood79/018
WS170Hook Copse79/022
WS171Grassland by Hook Copse79/023
WS172Fir and Ponds Woods Nature Reserve79/024
WS173Five Acre Wood79/026
WS174Well Wood79/027
WS175Kentish Lane Pastures79/030
WS176Woodland area south east of Little Heath Farm79/033
WS177Meadow east of Park Road, Northaw79/043
WS178Woodland south west of Northaw Brook Pastures79/044
WS179Wood north of Postern Gate79/047
WS180Woodland strip north of School Camp79/048
WS181Chequers Mead Meadows & Pond79/051
WS182Park Road Pastures79/058
WS183Cuffley Station Embankment80/010
WS184Old Manor Cottage, Newgate Street80/011
WS185Tolmers Park80/064
WS186Hempstall Spinney44/049
WS187Sprite Field Spring56/029
WS188Bath Wood70/037
WS189Tollgate Wood69/019
WS190The Vineyard, Nyn Park79/063
WS191Linces Bank43/066
WS192Ayot Barns, Ayot St. Lawrence42/069
WS193Sleeve Hall Wood68/034
WS194Deerswood Avenue Allotments69/049
WS195Hatfield Park Buildings69/023
WS196Ayot Green57/002
WS197Watch Mead Disused Railway58/054
WS198Dalewood Allotments58/057
WS199Twentieth Mile Bridge Allotments57/055
WS200Ascots Farm Pond57/056
WS201North Mymms Churchyard78/082
WS202Travellers Lane Grasslands and Ponds69/008
WS203Nyn Park Pond79/003
WS204Nyn Park House Area79/064
WS205Hook Lane79/060
WS206Knella Road Allotments58/022

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