Appendix 3

Historic Parks and Gardens

Registered Historic Parks and Gardens

Ayot House, Ayot St. LawrenceGrade II
Brocket Hall, LemsfordGrade II
Gobions (Gubbins), Brookmans ParkGrade II
Hatfield House, Old HatfieldGrade I

Unregistered Historic Parks and Gardens

Astwick, Coopers Green Lane
Attimore Hall, Ridgeway, WGC
Ayot Bury, Ayot St Peter
Ayot Place, Ayot St Peter
Barvin Park, Northaw
Bedwell Park, Essendon
Camfield Place, Wildhill
Danesbury, Welwyn
Digswell Place, WGC
Essendon Place, Essendon
Hatfield Hyde, WGC
Hatfield Parsonage (Old Rectory), Hatfield
Holwell Hyde, WGC
Hornby Hall, Marford Road, Lemsford
Leggatts Park, Potters Bar
Lower & Upper Barvin Park
Lower Woodside, Hatfield
Ludwick Hall, WGC
Mardley Bury Manor, Woolmer Green
Millers/Millwards (part of Hatfield Great Park)
Northaw/North Hall
Northaw Place, Northaw
North Mymms Place & Park
Popes Farm (part of Hatfield Great Park)
Potterells, North Mymms
Sherrardspark Wood, WGC
Parkway and The Campus, WGC
Welwyn Rectory, Welwyn
Wood Hall, Hatfield (farm)
Wood Hill, Essendon

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