Appendix 6

Urban Open Land

Woolmer Green

UOL1Bridge Road
UOL2Mardley Hill/London Road Junction

Mardley Heath and Oaklands

UOL3Mardley Heath


UOL4The Cresent
UOL5Broomfield Road
UOL6School Lane
UOL7Hawbush Rise
UOL8Glebe Road
UOL9Blakes Way
UOL10Welwyn Playing Fields
UOL11Guessens, Codicote Road
UOL12Lockleys Drive/Orchard Road
UOL13Woods off Roman Road


UOL14Adele Ave/New Road Junction
UOL15New Road

Welwyn Garden City

UOL17Haymeads/Harwood Hill
UOL18Sewells LAP
UOL19Viaduct Way/Nursery Hill
UOL20Nursery Gardens
UOL21Rowans opposite Flexley Wood
UOL22Land behind Rowans Wood
UOL25Sloansway/Mundells Junction
UOL26Blythway, behind Cloverfield
UOL27The Swallows
UOL28Black Fan Road
UOL31Willow Grove
UOL32Digswell Park Road
UOL33Knightsfield Verge
UOL34Orchard Lawn Tennis Club
UOL35Digswell Road Bridge
UOL36Vineyard Dell
UOL37Mandeville Rise/Pentley Park Junction
UOL38Templewood School Playing Fields/Pentley Park
UOL39Templewood Green Chain
UOL43Malmsdale Dell
UOL45Monks Walk
UOL46Digswell Park and Cricket Ground
UOL47Harwood School Playing Field
UOL48Great Dell
UOL49Sherrards Park Way
UOL50Black Fan Park
UOL52Little Rivers and Daniells
UOL53Springmead Junior Playing Fields/Hilly Fields
UOL58Sir Freds. Playing Fields/Panshanger Drive
UOL59Moors Walk/ Panshanger Drive Corner
UOL60Little Hardings
UOL61The Campus, Parkway & Howardsgate
UOL62Roundwood Drive
UOL63Roundwood Drive/Reddings Junction
UOL64Dellcott Close/Dognell Green Tennis Courts
UOL65Russellcroft Road/Valley Road Junction
UOL66Handside Green
UOL67Guessens Road
UOL68Parkway Close
UOL69Barleycroft Green
UOL70Barn Close/Handside Lane Junction
UOL71Applecroft JMI Playing Fields/Applecroft Road
UOL72Peartree JMI Playing Fields
UOL73Peartree Lane/ The Spinney
UOL74Knella Road/Mill Green Road Junction
UOL75Furzefield Road
UOL76Ludwick Nursery and Holwell Junior and Infant School/Holwell Road
UOL77Cranbourne Gardens Green
UOL78Land off Ludwick Way
UOL79Shortland Green
UOL80Herns Wood/Disused Railway Line behind Knella Road
UOL82Thumbswood Infants/Blackthorn Junior - Blackthorn Road
UOL83Lowerfield Green
UOL84Sweet Briar/Whitehorn Junction
UOL85Wheatley Road/Wheatley Close Junction
UOL86Cowper Road
UOL87Moss Green
UOL88Ridgeway/Heronswood Road Junction
UOL89Bushey Ley and open ground on Black Fan Road
UOL90Goose Acre
UOL91Leigh Common
UOL92Raymonds Plain
UOL93Raymonds Close
UOL94Hollybush Lane/Hunters Way Green
UOL95South Ley
UOL96Hollybush Lane Cemetery
UOL98Howlands/Beehive Lane Junction
UOL99Extension to land off Howlands
UOL100Howlands/Ascots Lane Junction
UOL101Howicks Green
UOL102Bennett Close
UOL103Verges and green on Hyde Valley
UOL104Chequers Woodhall Park
UOL105King George V Playing Fields
UOL106Bushey Ley/Great Ganett Junction
UOL107Little Ganett
UOL108Cole Green Lane Roundabout
UOL109Beehive Green
UOL110Hall Grove/Autumn Grove Green
UOL111Archers Ride
UOL112Great Ganett
UOL114Handside Sports Ground
UOL115Stanborough Green
UOL116Cole Green Lane Green Finger
UOL117The Commons
UOL118The Commons
UOL119Hillside off Moorlands
UOL120Howlands Green Fingers
UOL121Old Drive Green
UOL122Handside Lane/Lemsford Lane Junction
UOL123Stanborough School Playing Field/Lemsford Lane
UOL124Stanborough Road Roundabout
UOL125Broadwater Road Roundabout
UOL126Stanborough School Playing Fields/Stanborough Road
UOL127Police Headquarters Playing Fields/Stanborough Road
UOL128Panshanger Primary School
UOL129Watchlytes JMI School
UOL130Our Lady's JMI School
UOL132Guessens Court
UOL133Brockett Close
UOL134Farm Close
UOL135Bushey Green
UOL137Digswell Road
UOL138Green in Carve Ley


UOL140Long Mead/Cornerfield Junction
UOL141Comet Way
UOL142Warren Close
UOL143Birchwood Close
UOL144Birchwood Playing Fields
UOL145Drovers Way
UOL147The Ryde
UOL148Churchyard/Church Street
UOL149Recreation Ground/Cranbourne Road
UOL150Countess Anne Primary School Playing Fields
UOL152Public Gardens/Wellfield Road
UOL153Harmony Close
UOL154Mount Pleasant Woods
UOL155Alban Way
UOL156Queensway Park
UOL157Manor Road Shops
UOL158Stream Woods JMI Playing Fields/Woods Avenue
UOL159St Philip Howard Primary School Playing Fields/Woods Avenue
UOL160Travellers Lane/Southdown Road
UOL161Acacia Street Rec Ground
UOL162Old Leys/Brickfield
UOL163Travellers Lane
UOL164Five Oaks Primary & Nursery Playing Fields/Travellers Lane
UOL165Sycamore Avenue
UOL166Eagle Way
UOL167Roe Green Playing Fields
UOL168Oaklands College Annex, New Briars JMI & Bishops Hatfield Girls School Grounds
UOL169Howe Dell School Playing Fields
UOL170Onslow St. Audreys School Playing Fields & Howe Dell
UOL171Skips Grove
UOL172Oxlease Green Chain
UOL173St Albans Road West/Cavendish Way Junction
UOL174The Dell/Oak Grove
UOL175Vigors Croft
UOL176College Lane
UOL177The Dell/Roe Green Close
UOL178Hazel Grove
UOL179Hazel Grove JMI Playing Fields/Hazel Grove
UOL180Bishops Rise
UOL181Coppice Close
UOL182The Downs
UOL183Minster Close/Bishops Rise
UOL184Bishops Rise / South Way
UOL185Thrush Avenue
UOL188Chantry Lane Dell
UOL189Hazel Grove
UOL190Redhall Lane Park & Angerland Common
UOL191Millwards Open Space
UOL192Bishops Rise/Northdown Road
UOL193St John's Church, Bishops Rise
UOL195Green Lanes School
UOL196Birchwood Avenue JMI School
UOL197The Ryde School

Welham Green

UOL198Knolles Cresent
UOL199Dixons Hill Road/Station Road Junction
UOL200Dixons Hill Road
UOL201Somers Road
UOL202Puttocks Drive

Brookmans Park

UOL203Bradmore Green
UOL204Brookmans Park Primary Playing Fields/Peplins Way
UOL205Peplins Way


UOL206The Driveway/Hill Rise
UOL207Brookside Crescent Homewood Avenue
UOL208Brookside Crescent

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